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The meat of the Hungarian gray beef and veal is one of the noblest ingredients that can be used in your kitchen as meat.

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Hortobágy hús
  • Our online store allows for convenient, secure shopping while also providing products of unparalleled quality that can’t be obtained from other traditional commercial sources. 
  • We only offer high quality meats to our customers. Our organically certified meat from organic farming has the highest standard. 
  • The meat of the Hungarian gray beef and veal is one of the noblest ingredients that can be used in your kitchen as meat. 
  • We reward your loyalty. Our regular customers can enjoy benefits depending on the amount and period of purchase. 
  • The ordered products are always delivered in hygienic vacuum packaging and in frozen state. This guarantees that your fresh meat will deliver in the safest way into your home.


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Hortobágy meat Debrecen
Hortobágy meat Debrecen

Have you decided to buy meat online because you want to serve something special to your family and guests? For example, a juicy steak for the grill or do you want to make a delicious meat dish with your own hands?


Hortobágy hús

about the Hungarian gray beef

Hortobágy hús

Our meat selection is 100% Hungarian!

What does all this mean? The mean of the processed animals born from Hungarian mother animals, raised in Hungarian organic farms and processed in Hungarian slaughterhouses, as the result of the cooperation of Hungarian owned enterprises. 
Regarding the local origin of the stock we have acquired, in addition to the Hortobágy National Park and Hajdúság, among our partners we know the organic farms of the Kiskunság National Park and the Fertő-Hanság National Park, as well as the counties of Fejér Country, Nógrád, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok and Bács-Kiskun some private and family farms. 
The common feature of our partners is the continuation of organic farming committed to quality, operated and controlled according to strict rules.
Hortobágy meat, about the Hungarian gray beef